Exerciser Elite® Passive Motion Circulation Machine

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2 Year Parts and Labor Standard Warranty

Wide Cushioned Ankle Rest

ETL Approval

No Regular Maintenance Required

Relieve Stiffness, Joint Pain, Back Pain, and Improve Circulation

While not as effective as standard aerobic exercise, studies have shown that passive exercise is an excellent method to gain some of the benefits of physical activity for those who can’t perform typical exercises. The practice of passive exercise began long ago, centuries before anyone could envision or much less produce a passive exercise machine. In the modern world, healers no longer have to act as the machine thanks to the Exerciser Elite Passive Motion Circulation Machine.

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What is the Exerciser Elite?

The Exerciser Elite® is a passive exercise or passive motion machine capable of providing positive results to the complex human body. Many people have made improvements in the way they feel by incorporating this revolutionary machine into their daily routine.

The Exerciser Elite® does not take up a great deal of space and does not require regular maintenance. Operating the machine is simple…just lie down, place your ankles on the ankle rest and turn the machine on. The machine creates an approximate 2″ right to left movement. This gentle, swinging movement cycles up through the body, which, in turn, can help promote flexibility in the ankles, knees, hips and spine, relaxation of the muscles in the back, and increase circulation in the lower extremities. Increasing the circulation in the lower extremities can help relieve swelling in the ankles and legs. The Exerciser Elite® can offer some of the benefits of aerobic exercise without stress or impact on the joints.

Do Leg Circulation Pumps Work?

You might be skeptical about the efficacy of such machines, and you might be even more skeptical about recommending them to your patients, clients, or employees. Your doubts are certainly warranted, but you’ll be happy to learn that they’re unfounded. These techniques were in use long before the machines replaced human physical therapists for this one task. The Exerciser Elite is now one of the market’s leading passive exercise machines thanks to its versatility and longevity. It comes with a standard two-year warranty, but there’s an option to upgrade to a renewable 4-year warranty on labor and parts. It only takes two sessions per day at about 15 minutes per session to see noticeable results.

This type of movement has been practiced for over 200 years, only it was done by hand. A practitioner would elevate a person’s feet and swing them back and forth to stimulate the circulation throughout the body. In 1992, a gentleman in Japan introduced a machine that would simulate the same movement. However, this type of machine was not introduced in the United States until 1997. These machines were designed for the Asian and Eastern market and could not withstand extended use by Westerners.

Clark Enterprises introduced the first Exerciser Elite® machine in 1999 and has been the market leader of this type of equipment ever since. The Exerciser Elite is designed for Western physiques using the latest technology and manufacturing procedures.

Passive motion can also help increase circulation, oxygenate the blood, stimulate the lymph fluid and help flush out toxins, relieve stiffness, increase mobility, energize the body.

Do You Suffer From:

  • Joint Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Constipation
  • Back Pain
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
  • Poor Circulation
  • Edema
  • Neuropathy
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lymphedema
  • Stress

Join the thousands who have made improvements to their overall well-being by incorporating this revolutionary leg circulation machine into their daily routine.  The Exerciser Elite is an in-home or in-office solution and does the work for you.  The machine provides continuous passive motion for all ages, regardless of mobility level.  The Exerciser Elite allows you to receive some of the benefits of aerobic exercise without stress or impact on the joints.

Regular exercise is essential to our health and well-being. However, many people are unable to perform aerobic type exercise due to mobility or other issues.

The Exerciser Elite® is also beneficial for those who are able to do regular exercise. Using the machine before exercising helps loosen muscles making it easier for you to exercise. Using The Exerciser Elite® after exercising is also a great way to cool down.

 How Does It Work?

Only two, 12-16 minute sessions a day is all it takes to feel better! Operating the Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser is simple. Just lie down, relax and let the gentle swinging motion cycle up through your body. The machine does the work for you! There’s no stress or impact on the joints. This 2″ lateral movement can help promote flexibility in the ankles, knees, hips and spine, relaxation of the muscles in the back and increase circulation in the lower extremities.

The Exerciser Elite® is manufactured to outperform The Chi Machine or any other Chi type swing machine on the market. It will easily accommodate individuals weighing up to 425 pounds and is built for long term use. The Exerciser Elite® is more effective and comes with options that other “As Seen on TV” exercisers such as the Kyrobak®, Back2Life or Revitive exercise machine do not offer, such as our extended warranty. Low impact, shaking exercisers found on eBay such as the New Life Exerciser or The Chi Machine do not come with a guarantee like the Clark Protection Plan.

Why the Exerciser Elite is superior compared to similar models on the market

The Exerciser Elite® is a genuine Clark-built machine and not a copy of any other machine on the market. The internal mechanism, as well as, the unique, cushioned ankle rest were designed by Clifford Clark, the Founder & CEO of Clark Enterprises. Clark Enterprises has built a reputation of providing the highest quality, home therapy products at a reasonable price for many years.

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing this type of machine, as various makes and models are available on the market today. The Exerciser Elite® does not fall into the lower priced category, as it is built for long term use and is not a typical consumer, throw away product. This machine will provide many years of in-home therapy as well as peace of mind knowing you own the highest quality machine available.

The Exerciser Elite® utilizes a DC high torque motor, a three prong grounded power cord and three replaceable circuit boards: controller board, speed sensor board and power supply board.

• The controller board uses the latest technology in order to offer the digital timer display, two pre-programmed settings, a 16 minute digital timer with safety shut-off and five selectable, user speeds ranging from 120-160 swings per minute. The user friendly controller makes using the Exerciser Elite® easy for anyone, whether 10 or 100 years of age!

• The speed sensor board keeps the unit running the proper speed, at all times, regardless of the user’s weight (up to 425 pounds). If there is a malfunction, it shuts the unit off. This is one of the built-in safety features that the Exerciser Elite® offers.

• The power supply board changes the AC current to DC, to be able to run the DC high torque motor. This makes the machine safe for long term use and requires no ventilation.

With the built-in safety features that the Exerciser Elite® offers, if there is an electrical malfunction, the unit will shut off.

The Exerciser Elite® has five different speeds. This allows the user to adjust the speed to their own liking. Some machines on the market, have only one speed. Clark Enterprises disagrees with the concept of a “perfect speed” for everyone. Some people need to start on the lowest speed and work their way up, others are going to be more active and find the higher speeds much more satisfying. In addition, the two pre-programmed settings are a popular feature of the Exerciser Elite®. There are people of all ages with a wide variety of health issues who are using the Exerciser Elite® on a daily basis and receiving wonderful results.

The Exerciser Elite® also has a large, reinforced, cushioned ankle rest. This unique, ankle rest is wider than those on similar machines, as people in the United States tend to be larger than those in Asian and European markets. Most of the other machines of this type on the market have out-dated, hard plastic, narrow ankle rests.

The Exerciser Elite® is built to higher standards than similar products on the market and is manufactured exclusively for Clark Wellness. Most of the machines of this type are manufactured in China. The factory that manufactures the Exerciser Elite® is located in Taiwan and has ISO-9001 Certification, one of the highest standards in manufacturing.

The Exerciser Elite® is an FDA Class 1 Registered Device as well as a physical medicine therapeutic device. Clark Wellness is also a registered medical device establishment.

The Exerciser Elite® is also ETL (Electronic Testing Laboratories)approved, which insures a safe and quality product. This internationally recognized seal of Quality and Safety is granted only after rigorous testing with regard to North American set regulations and specifications for electrical products.

Perhaps the most important quality that the Exerciser Elite® possesses is the excellent “service after the sale” provided by Clark Enterprises. The Exerciser Elite® carries a generous warranty backed by Clark Enterprises. In addition, an optional, extended warranty is available. This extended warranty can be renewed within 30 days of its expiration. Any warranty issues that arise are taken care of at the home office in Salina, KS by Clark Wellness experienced technicians.

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Symptoms of Poor Foor Circulation

Using the Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser is becoming more and more popular in homes, health clubs and senior living facilities around the country. Discover the benefits for yourself. Order the Exerciser Elite® today and start experiencing the new you!

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs

Warranty Information

The Exerciser Elite® comes with a standard 2 year parts and labor warranty. You can upgrade to a renewable 4 year parts and labor warranty with our Product Protection Program. You save when you purchase the Protection Program along with the machine!

Senior & Assisted Living Facilities

The Exerciser Elite®Passive Exerciser can be used in senior living exercise facilities, health and exercise clubs. Using the Exerciser Elite®Passive Exercise Machine is a great way to improve senior citizen fitness. Fitness in older adults is an important component to maintaining activity for seniors. Benefits of exercise for seniors include increased energy, less pain, improved mood and improved circulation. The small size of this compact exercise machine makes it easy to use as well as easy to store making is perfect accompaniment to the active senior lifestyle.

Read more about the benefits of the Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser in assisted living facilities here.

Read this helpful article about the benefits of passive exercise for the elderly and disabled.

Product video

Please note: This video contains outdated information regarding our money back guarantee. Please visit our money back guarantee page for current information.


In the simplest terms, the Exerciser Elite is a small joint, spinal exerciser, and back exerciser device that resembles a stationary foot massager, but instead of massaging action, it delivers steady, gentle left-to-right motion through a radius of about 2 inches. As the motion builds, it cycles through the body like a harmonic wave, promoting flexibility, relaxation, and increased circulation. The goal of this leg circulation pump is to provide as many of the benefits of aerobic exercise without any of the stressors that go with it. The earliest iterations of this type of therapeutic machine were released in 1997 in the United States, but the first model of the Exerciser Elite was unveiled in 1999. This was the first passive motion machine, or CPM machine, that included sufficient durability for the Western markets.

Conditions Alleviated by the Exerciser Elite

While this therapy by no means constitutes a cure for any of these conditions, passive motion machines have been shown to help reduce or nearly eliminate symptoms associated with:

  • Back Pain
  • Constipation
  • Poor Circulation
  • Joint Pain
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Diabetes
  • Edema
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Neuropathy
  • Stress
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lymphedema

Exerciser Elite: The Superior Circulation Foot Machine

There are other examples of passive exercise machines on the market, but there may as well not be. The Exerciser Elite is more proven than most. This is not a typical consumer product, but instead it is designed to provide years of professional-quality therapy. The machine has a number of advanced safety features, and it includes five motion speeds so everyone can feel comfortable with their own chosen pace.

With each passing day, the Exerciser Elite becomes more popular with spas, wellness centers, chiropractors, health clubs, offices, and senior living facilities. Contact Clark Wellness today if you have questions or if you’d like to place an order.

    • AC 120 volt, 60Hz
    • 5 speed operation 16 minute digital timer with safety shut-off
    • Wide cushioned ankle rest
    • ETL Approval
    • FDA Class 1
    • DC/High Torque Motor
    • Power Consumption: 36W/.6 Amps
    • User Weight Limit: 425 lbs
    • Swing Frequency: 120-160 swings per minute
    • Swing Travel: 1.75 inches
    • Dimensions: 15″ x 13.5″ x 9.5″
    • 19.00 lbs.
    • Power Cord Length: 7’2″
    • Controller Cord Length: 6′

Quality & Performance

The Exerciser Elite® is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards in a ISO-9001 Certified facility to ensure reliability and many years of service. It is marketed under the classification regulation Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 890.5380 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

The Exerciser Elite® is also ETL approved. This internationally recognized seal of Quality and Safety is granted only after rigorous testing with regard to North American set regulations and specifications for electrical products.

Additional Photos

Exerciser Elite Wired Controller

Wired Controller

Exerciser Elite Features


Lady using Exerciser Elite

Lady Using Exerciser Elite

Man Using Exerciser Elite with Sheepskin Cover and small pillow

Man Using Exerciser Elite with Sheepskin Cover and small pillow.

What is Passive Exercise?

Studies indicate passive exercise is extremely beneficial, especially to those who are unable to do aerobic type exercise. Passive exercise is also beneficial for those who do aerobic type exercise, as it helps loosen muscles before an intense workout. It also helps to use as a cool down after a workout. Although passive exercise does not increase the heart rate or burn as many calories as true aerobic exercise, you can still enjoy many other remarkable benefits. Both passive and aerobic exercise can increase circulation, oxygenate the blood, help with the production and release of nitric oxide and endorphins. It also helps move the lymph fluid, which can be beneficial to the immune system.

Exercise & You…
For many years, exercising on a regular basis has been known to help with various ailments. Exercise is essential to our overall well-being. It helps increase energy levels, helps maintain a healthy heart, helps with weight
control, and helps to decrease depression and fatigue. Exercise can also help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other ailments. Not only does a well-rounded exercise program help reduce the risk of many
ailments, it also helps to reduce the emotional pain that often accompanies the development of many ailments. Exercise can help increase circulation throughout the body and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. This, in turn, helps the cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Millions of people suffer from various ailments that could be improved through regular exercise.

Edema is a condition of fluid buildup in the circulatory system or tissues that normally affects the lower extremities. With edema, either too much fluid moves from the blood vessels into the tissues, or not enough fluid moves from the tissues back into the blood vessels. This fluid imbalance can cause mild to severe swelling in one or more parts of the body. Exercise has been known to help with the affects of edema as it helps to lessen fluid build-up by increasing the circulation throughout the body. Exercise also helps to move the lymph fluid, which, in turn, helps the body reduce
excess fluid buildup. With edema, either too much fluid moves from the blood vessels into the tissues, or not enough fluid moves from the tissues back into the blood vessels. This fluid imbalance can cause mild to severe swelling in one or more parts of the body.

Many ordinary factors can upset the balance of fluid in the body to cause edema, including:

Immobility. The leg muscles normally contract and compress blood vessels to promote blood flow with walking or running. When these muscles are not used, blood can collect in the veins, making it difficult for fluid to move from tissues back into the vessels.

Medications. Certain drugs, such as steroids, hormone replacements, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and some blood pressure medications may affect how fast fluid leaves blood vessels. Using the Exerciser Elite® provides a comfortable elevation of the feet and the movement needed to help reduce inflammation and decrease pain associated with the effects of edema.

Arthritis Arthritis is becoming more and more common and not just among the elderly. Regular exercise can offer many benefits to those with arthritis. Exercise helps reduce joint pain and stiffness and increases flexibility and endurance. Moving the joints daily helps to improve mobility. Also, joint movement transports nutrients and waste products to and from the cartilage, the material which protects the ends of the bones.

Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by widespread aches, pains, fatigue and stiffness. Many people with fibromyalgia suffer from tight muscles and poor range of motion, which place additional strain on the body. Little is known about what causes fibromyalgia; however, it is known that exercise can help improve energy levels, range of motion and increase the circulation throughout the body. Also, exercise can help the body release ndorphins, which is a natural pain reliever. Regular exercise has been known to help those suffering from fibromyalgia improve physical function, mobility and the feeling of well-being.

Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s affects many aspects of a person’s daily life. The condition can make it difficult to initiate movements or maintain balance. Exercise can help improve flexibility and mobility, which can help the individual maintain a higher quality of life. Exercise will not stop Parkinson’s from progressing; but, it will mprove balance and can help lessen joint stiffness. Exercise can also help improve circulation to the heart and lungs.

Varicose Veins
Varicose veins are those that become stretched and swollen with blood. The veins often show up on the legs, ankles and feet because those body parts are farthest from the heart. Gravity pulls blood down into your legs and feet when you’re standing up or sitting down. So the veins have to work extra hard to get that blood back up to the heart, and some of hose veins can wear out over time.

The primary cause of varicose veins is a breakdown of the valve system in the veins. Blood carrying nutrients to the cells is pumped from the heart through the arteries to the legs. The depleted blood then returns to the heart through the venous system – veins having one-way valves. When the valves cannot close properly, veins become varicose, blood backs up, causing the veins to widen and become distended.

Age, strenuous activity and extra weight are some of the contributing factors to the development of varicose veins. With age, the valves and veins become weaker, and muscle mass and tone tend to decrease, thereby impeding the return of blood to the heart and increasing the risk of developing varicose veins. These factors may cause the valve to leak or fail,
allowing blood to accumulate in the veins, causing them to stretch.

Since varicose veins swell because blood pools in them, the best treatment is to empty blood from the veins. Any program of regular exercise stimulates circulation, and helps prevent varicose veins. However, most intense activity may increase blood pressure in the legs and accentuate varicose veins. Low impact or passive exercise are excellent therapy as they
are gentle to the joints and lower extremities yet very effective.


Linda T.

I use the Exerciser Elite® during the day when my energy level starts to drop. After 15 minutes on the machine I am fully rejuvenated and ready to go again! I no longer have to rely on my afternoon espresso to get me through the day thanks to the Exerciser Elite®.


Joanna K.

Well, we certainly got a pleasant surprise the other day when we opened your letter and found a check as well as such a nice note from you. Thank you so very much for the referral money that we received as a result of our friends mentioning our name when they ordered. We found it so nice to talk with you folks on the phone, and have been SO pleased with the Exerciser Elite® that we purchased from you. As a matter of fact, when my husband, Jim, cannot sleep at night, he gets on what we call “the machine” and sets the timer. When its done (if he’s not already asleep there on the floor) he gets back in bed and falls asleep right away. He usually gets on it twice a day, sometimes 3 times a day. Thank you again for your fine products and also for the very much appreciated check.

Tags:Insomnia, referral, sleep

Marija Oman M.

My husband is 79 years old. Three years ago, he had triple bypass surgery and he had never been the same. Lately he had lots of medical problems and his health deteriorated to the point that he could not walk or stand up. We have been using the Exerciser Elite® for a few minutes about three to four times a day. It is hard to believe, but my husband can now stand up and walk a short distance with a walker. I am amazed and very happy. Because of his poor health, we will continue to use it slowly, and I sincerely hope his strength and agility will keep improving. Thank you to your friendly and understanding customer service. Also, thanks to the Exerciser Elite®, the person who invented it and the company for producing a very useful product.


P. Smith

I ordered my Exerciser Elite® on a Monday and received it on a Wednesday. WOW! What Service! I started using it that day…2 times a day for 2 minutes each session for about 2 weeks. I am up to 16 minutes for 2-3 sessions each day. I cannot describe what this machine has done for me. I can now say my back is much better and my knees are better. Before using the Exerciser Elite® I could not stand very long without holding onto something and my walking was painful. I have been a hairdresser 40+ years. I am 62 years old and I can do more work now than in the past 2 years. I can do my housework easier. Climbing up and down on step stools was risky before, but now it’s not a problem. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Tags:back, Customer Service, feel better, knee, stairs, standing, walking

Carey C.

In January I ordered the Exerciser Elite®, so I have only had it a bit over a month. It is everything you claim and more! Thank you! I have 2 metal knees, and a small metal plate in my back, plus extreme Osteoporosis that necessitates my use of a walker. When I first got it I didn’t think it would affect the muscles that much, so I used it 10 minutes that morning and 10 more minutes that afternoon. Oh! I learned! The next morning my leg muscles were so sore. That I couldn’t pick up my ankles to get them onto the machine. I left it alone that first weekend but then started out more sensibly at two minutes in the morning and night and then gradually worked up. So that now I’m doing 16 minutes and though I’m still doing speed 1, I plan to try other speeds shortly, and then I’ll be set to try both programs. Thank you so very much. By the way I’m 92 years old.

Tags:back plate, knee, leg, muscle, osteoporosis, pain, walk

C. Cummings

I saw your ad for the Exerciser Elite® in the Elks magazine for several months. The information in the ad almost sounded “too good to be true”. With your no risk money back guarantee I figured I had nothing to lose so I purchased the machine…and boy, am I glad I did! I am 75 years old and suffer from sciatica, which makes my back and legs tighten up and causes numbness. After using the machine for only 4 minutes, I noticed my lower back loosening up. My sciatica is not giving me problems anymore and my body stays loosened up. My wife and I went to a restaurant the other day and we had to wait in line for about an hour. I was able to stand there without any pain! I have also had a snoring problem for quite sometime, however, since using the machine my snoring has subsided. My wife is so excited! I cannot tell you how much this machine has turned my life around. The Exerciser Elite® is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I am going to tell everyone I know about it.

Tags:back, legs, Numbness, pain, Sciatica, snoring

Carol M.

I purchased the Exerciser Elite® approximately a month ago. I have Spinal Stenosis of the Lumbar and Cervical spine. I was going in the hospital approximately two or three times a year and getting Epidurals under total anesthesia. I have been on a pain management program for approximately 6 months. I also have severe Osteoarthritis and am bothered with inflammation. Since using the Exerciser Elite® my pain has diminished considerably. I also had ice cold feet and could not get them warm in anyway while in bed. Since using this machine my feet are toasty warm. Also, I have been doing the Program 1 before retiring and I sleep like a baby. My attitude and just over all feeling has changed and I know it is because I feel better. I was very skeptical at first and felt we could not afford to put that kind of money out. Well, if things continue the way they have been going, this machine will pay for itself just in what I pay for medication. I feel the machine will continue to help in more ways than one and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better. Thank you Clark Enterprises for making this product available to the public. I only hope that more people will give it a try.

Tags:inflammation, Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis

Terry B

Recently diagnosed with cancer involving my lymph system, I just completed six months of chemo for my treatment. As I finished chemo, I tried out the Exerciser Elite and read the information on how it works to stimulate the lymph system. Since I want to improve the wellness factors in my life, I felt adding the Exerciser Elite would make sense.Right now I am in remission, but my body and mind are trying to recover from the chemo. Throughout my treatment, I relied on a popular drug to help deal with the anxiety I faced daily, but now I find the Exerciser Elite a great relaxer. I’d rather use it then be drug dependent. It also has helped restore the circulation to my feet. Neuropathy in my feet became a constant problem throughout treatment.But most importantly, I want to treat my body with more care, so my hope with using the Exerciser Elite is that I can help in the process to restore wellness to my lymph system. Getting fluids moving in my body has to be a good thing. I see this machine as one more tool in my efforts to regain my health.Right now, I am using the Exerciser Elite when I wake up – it’s a great way to alert the body to “get up”. I also use it at bedtime – it’s equally as good in helping me relax before sleep. And during the day, if stress sets in, I turn to it. But for now I keep it at the foot of my bed, ready and waiting.

Tags:cancer, circulation, lymph system, Neuropathy, relax, sleep

Roger K.

My Exerciser Elite was purchased in March 2007. It has faithfully performed twice daily for me. The major result is that my sway back has straightened out to a normal posture. Previously, I had to use a lower back cushion to drive a car or sit in theater and airline seats. It used to be painful to sit unaided because of the excessive curvature of my lower back. Return to a normal back was accomplished without resorting to expensive treatments. I lie down on the carpeted bedroom floor and use hand weights to exercise my arms and core body muscles. Now, I am able to feel my entire spine contacting the floor; whereas, previously the small of my back formed a tunnel that I would not flatten out. It is a great machine, a real health aid.

Tags:lower back, posture, sway back

William G

I am now up to 16 minutes three times a day.How do I explain how I feel.I thought it would be helpful in my pain mangement .It is hard to explain. I do feel different,and when I miss a time slot I notice difference in how my legs feel. Presently I have less leg gramps,less fatigue , and a better night sleep. I also noticed a little less low back pain which is a huge help.

Tags:Back Pain, fatigue, Leg Pain

Claudia H.

Since we received our Exerciser Elite® we have been using it regularly. The edema in my legs and hands is almost gone. I can see my ankles and my wedding band is no longer tight. I have had numbness in my right toes for sometime now due to my high blood sugar condition. It was gone in 3 weeks after using the machine 3 times each day. I wake up in the morning with more energy than I have had since I was a young person. Not bad considering I work two jobs with over 70 hours a week. I had knee surgery in January of 2001 and had to take a desk job due to slow healing, swelling and pain. Now the pain is almost gone from the knee and the swelling is greatly reduced since using the Exerciser Elite®. The most interesting pain was in my shoulder. I injured it at work mowing grass almost 5 years ago. I just waited for it to get better, but it didn’t. I couldn’t raise my arm above my head without a great deal of pain. Well, three 16 minute sessions per day, on the Exerciser Elite® and it is gone! I can raise my arm above my head with no pain at all. I’m also no longer bothered with loud snoring which helps me sleep, plus having more oxygen in the blood during sleep helps with a great nights sleep. Thank you for the Exerciser Elite®

Tags:ankles, Edema, energy, hands, healing, high blood sugar, knee, legs, Numbness, oxygen, pain, shoulder, sleep, snoring, swelling

Ralph K.

I am in my late 80’s and have diabetes. The first thing I noticed when I started using my Exerciser Elite® was that my feet were warm when I went to bed. They were always ice cold before. Because one of my problems is poor circulation, I use the machine three times a day for 10 minutes each; in the morning, late afternoon and just before bed. I almost forgot to mention that I have not been able to lift my arms above my head. Now I can do it. You think that’s no big deal until you can’t do it anymore. Thanks for a wonderful machine.

Tags:Diabetes, feet, poor circulation

Odilia W.

I have neuropathy and decided to purchase the Exerciser Elite®. I dearly love it. No more numb feeling with “pins and needles” going through my toes and feet. Now I can dance the night away and feel really good. Did I mention I am 85!

Tags:feet, Neuropathy

Mildred F.

I am an 88 year old woman with multiple health problems. After seeing the ad for the Exerciser Elite® in the Saturday Evening Post magazine I ordered it and use it daily. I can tell it has improved the circulation in my legs and by doing that is has helped my balance and walking problems. To those of you who think you can’t do regular exercise anymore, try this piece of equipment and you will be amazed how much better you will feel.

Tags:balance, circulation, exercise, legs, walking

Jacinth N. Evans

My Restless Legs Syndrome, Edema and Insomnia have greatly improved by exercising twice a day for only 8 minutes. I always wondered why my legs were so much bigger than the rest of my body, only to find out that it was just fluids. I am able to sleep at nights and my legs are no longer restless. My body pain has also subsided and I feel as light as air; which really makes me feel good (great stress reliever).My husband is experiencing great benefits too. He is losing his paunch. His Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are at normal levels and he is off his pain medication. He is more aggressive with his routine; he exercises three time a day for 16 minutes and loves it.After using the “Exerciser Elite” for just a few weeks we feel marvelous and it’s worth every penny.Thank you very much!!!

Tags:Diabetes, Edema, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, poor circulation, Restless Leg Syndrom, Stress

Dick S.

I first became acquainted with the Exerciser Elite® through the Saturday Evening Post magazine, as I am always on the lookout for anything that might improve my racquetball game plus it had a generous return policy (how could I go wrong). After using it for a week, I was so impressed that I ordered two more machines as gifts for my son and daughter, who are both adults. I am in excellent health and played one to one racquetball two or three times a week, in half hour sessions. At the end of each session I would be thoroughly exhausted and feel that I had gotten a great workout. After using the Exerciser Elite® for two or three weeks, I found that my racquetball sessions were becoming longer and longer …. and without the feeling of exhaustion. Now my regular sessions are from two and a half to three hours long and I feel great. I owe it all to the Exerciser Elite®, in fact, I wouldn’t sell it back for double what I paid for it. My regular opponents are 39, 49 and 54 and they wonder what is going on, as I will be 79 in April and am at the top of my game. Thanks for making such a wonderful machine.


Elaine W.

Having just had my 70th birthday, and while looking back and counting my many Blessings, I have to include my Exerciser Elite®, which I’ve had for almost four years. I use it daily and take it with me when I go out of town. I have just purchased an extended warranty for my machine. I can’t recommend it enough!

Tags:exerciser elite

David B.

I have suffered with sleep apnea for many years. The end result was waking everyday with a total feeling of lethargy. After a sleep study had been done, I was told I would have to use a breathing apparatus. In the meantime, I was introduced to the Exerciser Elite® and decided to purchase one. To start with, I used it for just 4 minutes, three times a day on speed #3. Within two weeks I was using it three times a day for ten minutes each session. I was sleeping more deeply and restfully. Today, over a year later, I am using the Exerciser 2000 Elite® twice a day for 16 minutes each session. My wife no longer complains about my snoring, which has all but abated. I feel great and no longer have problems sleeping.

Tags:Sleep Apnea, snoring

D. Dinkel

My wife and I both use the Exerciser Elite® and are extremely pleased with it and the results obtained. Up until recently, we had been going to a school where they were teaching young adults to become massage therapists, however, the school had to close down for various reasons. I had been seeing your magazine ad for this machine for quite some time and finally decided to try it. What a wonderful discovery! I suffer from a combination of Gout, Diabetes and lower back problems. My wife has problems with her neck, right shoulder and upper back. I won’t say that this machine is a cure-all, but comes very close. I use it three times a day and she uses it twice a day. It would be difficult to describe the changes it has brought us. Suffice it to say that, for us, it is an answer to a prayer. If someone is contemplating a purchase, don’t wait. You will never be sure how much it does help in so many ways, until you try it. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much for providing to us the means to relieve a lot of pain and enjoy life again.

Tags:Diabetes, gout, low back pain, neck, pain relief, shoulder, upper back

Lois R

I use my Exerciser Elite twice a day since I received it. I even used it when I broke my right ankle. It helped keep the blood flowing in my leg. I have also lost 20 pounds and several inches off my legs and hips.

Tags:circulation, legs, weight loss

Shirley H.

After using the Exerciser Elite® twice a day for one week the swelling in my ankles went away. It has also helped my breathing, as I can get out and walk without having to stop and catch my breath! Thank you.

Tags:ankle, breathing, swelling, walk

Jennifer M.

I am 54 years old, in good physical shape and like to ride horses every day. About 4 years ago I tripped over a garden hose and fell. Ever since then, I have had huge pain in my right leg and they say it is from the sciatica nerve. I went through physical therapy, which was very costly, and if I do the exercises every day, for one hour, it does seem to help. The problem is I work full time and sit at a computer all day and the pain comes back immediately. I even sold my stick shift car and got an automatic as it pained me to shift. The fact that I bent my body was troubling the issue. So, I was desperate. I could not afford the therapy and really did not have the time to do it in my lifestyle. Then I discovered your machine….after 2 weeks of using the machine twice a day for 10 minutes per session, on speed 2, I now have no problems. Now, I can do it every other day and it keeps the pain gone. Wonderful and amazing….worth every penny! Thank you.

Tags:leg, pain, Sciatica

Rose B.

Thank you for offering this wonderful machine, I am so amazed with the results I have experienced. After only 2 months the ugly veins on my legs disappeared and years of fatigue vanished. After spending thousands of dollars on treatments with no avail, I can’t believe this machine has done so much for me. Not only do I get the luxury of youthful energy, but also the sweetest and deepest sleep. I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. The feeling of well-being is so precious. I am positively looking forward to using my Exerciser Elite® 2 to 3 times a day for the rest of my life. It is unbelievable how fast I experienced the results. Thank you for your generosity and for being the bridge builders to well-being.

Tags:energy, fatigue, vericose veins, well-being

Eldred S.

I am a stroke victim who has been bothered with poor circulation on my right side for ten years. That side was especially cold in the winter until I purchased the Exerciser Elite®. After six weeks of dedicated daily use I realized that my right side was the same temperature as my left side! A spin-off of using the Exerciser Elite® for circulation improvement is that my neuropathy has nearly disappeared. I can do fine motor skills at my workbench again and feel very safe about whatever tools I am using. Thank you.

Tags:Neuropathy, poor circulation, stroke

Wallace M.

My friend phoned me and said I should look in the American Legion magazine for an advertisement that he was extremely interested in. It was your Exerciser Elite®. In just a few days, my friend ordered one and was extremely impressed with the results. A few days later I also ordered one and my wife and I have been very, very impressed with the almost immediate results. Everything you say in your advertisement is certainly true. At the age of 86, I suffer from diabetes and very achy knees with almost bone on bone. The Exerciser Elite® has already helped the constant numbness in my feet and I actually screamed out in pain whenever I would take a step with my walker. My wife suffers from Fibromyalgia and perhaps post-polio syndrome along with a circulation problem and she has already seen improved results. Several years ago my wife had operations on both knees at the same time. Consequently, to get up and down off the floor is difficult. We took your suggestion and put a piece of plywood on a bed and that is the answer for anyone who cannot maneuver up and down from the floor. Your product is the greatest thing since the riding lawnmower. When a person is 21, you never give any thought to purchasing a riding lawnmower. You wait until you are 55 or older. All those years you could have had the luxury of mowing with ease. The same is true about your Exerciser Elite®. A person should purchase one at an early age and enjoy all the health improvements you notice immediately.

Tags:bone, circulation, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, health, immediate results, knees, Numbness, polio

Wendy L

I would wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep with major back pain. The rest of the night would be spent tossing and turning. I decided to try the Exerciser Elite because of the money back guarantee. From day one I was able to get relief! It has been over 3 years now and I still enjoy being able to get a full nights sleep. It has also helped with my flexibility.

Tags:Back Pain, flexibility, Insomnia

Kathryn Cover

I have been using the Exercisor Elite for a week now. I was having leg cramps just about every night prior to this. Since using the machine I have not had a single leg cramp. I am thrilled!

Tags:leg cramps

Dorothy B.

I can’t wait any longer to tell you I’ve broken all your records for results. Within six weeks of owning my Exerciser Elite® I referred seven people who also purchased a machine. My hips kept me awake all night so I hated to go to bed and to get up. I sat in a recliner all day as my lower back was a killer. The first day I used the machine for a total of 10 minutes. I went to bed and woke up in the morning and haven’t had any hip pain since. Unbelievable! My lower back pain is also gone! Just finished shampooing five rooms of carpet. So very sorry I didn’t order it sooner. It paid for itself the first week. People just look at me and wonder what happened. Oh yes, I am 87 years old! Thanks for my new life.

Tags:hip, low back, pain, referral

Polly C.

I have had my machine for over 7 years. The membership at my local gym is $446 per year and the savings of Exerciser 2000 Elite® for the 7 years that I have had the machine is: 7 times $446 =$3122. This is equivalent to the cost of 8 machines. I chose the Exerciser 2000 Elite® over the gym membership because I could exercise at any time that I wanted and not have to travel anyplace to do it. My back does not hurt anymore and I am as limber as I was when I was a teen. I travel a great deal and the luggage is very heavy and without this machine I could not keep on doing the traveling or lifting.My son and I did a 28-day walk through Australia and I was able to keep up with him. He was amazed at how limber I was and we backpacked the whole time. I feel I cannot live without my machine and I challenge people to get one and see the difference in their ability to move and breathe better. By the way, I have been on this planet for 57 years, but because of this machine I am staying young. Thank you.

Tags:breathe, exercise, limber, membership, move, travel

Marge W.

I just wanted to write you a note as the other day I received my first referral check. I have enjoyed the machine so much as I have arthritis and fibromyalgia. In the evening I go on speed one for 16 minutes and it helps me to sleep good at night. I got the machine in February 2009 and I did it three times a day for 3 months now I do it morning and night. I told several people about how the Exerciser Elite® has helped me. Thank you again. I wanted you to know how much it has helped me, as it gives me energy for the day. I had such a good summer as I am an active 70 year old.

Tags:Arthritis, energy, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, referral

Jenny C.

I have had chronic neck and back pain and sciatica for 20+ years, which was finally diagnosed as fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain syndrome resulting from long ago injuries. Although I was once a triathlete, in recent years I have been unable to exercise because of these debilitating conditions, which caused my muscles to go into painful spasms with any type of repetitive voluntary contraction. I was in a “Catch-22” situation: I knew I needed to get movement , circulation and oxygenation into my muscles to get better, but is was so painful to move that I couldn’t even perform the very gentlest of my prescribed physical therapy exercises without aggravating my condition.I’ve been using the Exerciser Elite® for just over three months now and I am experiencing lasting pain relief. Only 4 months ago I could hardly walk around the block without pain down my leg. Now I am able to walk and even hike again without pain. The Exerciser Elite® has truly provided a miraculous healing for me and given me my life back. After experiencing relief in such a short time, I am convinced it is an extraordinary therapeutic device that can help many people.The Exerciser Elite® has been the best investment in my health that I have ever made. Unlike other exercise equipment I have purchased in the past, it is not collecting dust in a closet somewhere! Not only it is relieving my back pain and sciatica, it is so relaxing that it helps me fall asleep at night and helps me to cope with day to day stress. It’s really a wonderful stress management tool as well as a therapeutic exerciser. Some of the other benefits I’ve enjoyed include improved sleep, circulation, digestion and elimination, increased energy and a much more positive state of mind.Without a doubt, I believe the Exerciser Elite® belongs in every home. Even those who don’t have back pain and are still able to exercise can benefit. For example, my husband is an avid bicyclist and finds that using the Exerciser Elite® after a long bike ride gently reduces his muscle recovery time by speeding up the removal of lactic acid from his system. He is thrilled to have found something to give him that extra edge.I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this machine. It is my genuine hope that more and more people will discover the Exerciser Elite® and reap its benefits as I have!

Tags:back, chronic myofascial pain, circulation, Constipation, debilitating, digestion, energy, exercise, Fibromyalgia, healing, health, Insomnia, lactic acid, leg, muscle recovery, muscle spasm, neck, oxygenation, pain, relief, Sciatica, sleep, Stress, therapeutic device, triathlete

Gladys R.

I tried this wonderful machine while attending a trade show in the Kansas City area. I had been walking through the show for quite some time and my lower back and hips were starting to bother me. I am somewhat overweight, which doesn’t help my hip problem. The gentleman at the show was giving 4 minute demonstrations and I didn’t figure I had anything to lose and besides I could lie down for 4 minutes and take a load off my feet. When the machine shut off after 4 minutes, I felt a tingling sensation in my legs. I was amazed how good my low back and hips felt. My husband and I decided to buy the machine and give it a try since it had a money back guarantee. After having the machine for a little over a week my husband decided to try it since I kept going on about how good it made me feel. While my husband was using the machine he told me there was “something funny going on”. “I am having somewhat of a tingling sensation, but it is not in my legs”, he said. My husband is 76 and I am 68. My husband’s sex drive has diminished over the past 8-9 years. As of this writing, we both have been using the machine for a month and a half. My husband is acting like he is in his 50’s….I don’t need to go into anymore detail!!! Thank you for this wonderful machine.

Tags:hip, legs, lower back, pain, stamina

Gordon W.

I received your nice letter and I’m proud of my Exerciser Elite®. I can already tell the difference and I’ve only used it a few days! I was an elementary school P.E. teacher and coach for many years so I’ve been use to a lot of exercise. I use to be a mountain climber and runner. However, I’m getting old now I’m 77 years old. I have a bad back and a knee replacement and the other knee is not in good shape. I can still jog a little, walk, and exercise at my condo.I started out on speed 3 and doing two 16 minute sessions. I can use speed 5 now and do all the 16 minutes. I put a DVD on and watched and listen to Elvis Presley gospel music. I get down on my carpet in the front of the TV and let the Exerciser Elite® do the work. I love it!Thank you for your nice letter and I’m very happy I invested in the Exerciser Elite®.

Tags:athlete, Back Pain, exercise, Knee Replacement, walk

Leroy H.

I bought my Exerciser Elite® a little over a year ago and cannot believe the results I have experienced. I breath much better, my circulation is better and with our busy lifestyle I find my stress level has improved. I use the machine 16 minutes morning and night. Thank you for a great machine that helps to make life more pleasant and less stressful.

Tags:breathe, circulation, Stress

Irma Maria C.

I am 73 years old and have had lower back pain since my childhood. It turned into sciatica pain, vein congestion and a high level of Osteoporosis until I bought the Exerciser Elite®. It was my last hope. After using the machine three times a day for one month all my pain is gone. My sister, age 75, lives in Belgium so I ordered her the 220 volt model of the Exerciser Elite®. She was unable to walk up the stairs as she also suffers from severe back pain. After faithfully using the Exerciser Elite® three times a day for two months she is now able to walk up the stairs normally. She walks daily with a friend and is a very happy person.

Tags:low back pain, osteoporosis, Sciatica, stairs, vein, walking

Carol P.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the Exerciser Elite®. I have had my machine for a little over a month and a half and seem to be getting stronger every day. To start with, I could not even get up off the floor without dragging myself up by a chair, now I can get up all by myself. I can also go up and down the basement steps much easier, which before I had to lead with my left leg and go slow. I am now using Program 1 before bed and Program 2 in the morning for energy. This new energetic feeling will be perfect next Spring when I want to get outside in my flower beds. Thank you very much.


G. Frecht

I have chronic low back pain that started when I was in the Navy. I have been told to do back exercises. My back would hurt the worst in the morning. The first time I tried the Exerciser Elite®, the next morning my back pain was almost gone and I couldn’t believe it. I now use it morning and night along with my family who has seen numerous benefits, as well. We keep it in the living room so we never forget to use it. I almost forgot, I also have lots more energy.

Tags:energy, exercise, low back pain

Wallace M.

My friend suggested I look at your advertisement for the Exerciser Elite® that he was interested in. In just a few days he purchased one and is extremely impressed with the results. On his advice a few days later I also ordered one.My wife and I have been very, very impressed with almost the immediate results. Everything you say in your advertisement is certainly true. I suffer from diabetes and very aching knees. The Exerciser Elite® has already helped the constant numbness in my feet.At the age of 86 and diabetes a knee operation is out so I am thankful for any relief I can get. My wife suffers from fibromyalgia along with circulation problems. She has already seen improved results.Several years ago my wife had operations on both knees at the same time. Consequently, to get up and down off the floor is difficult. We took your suggestion and put a piece of plywood on a bed and that is the answer for anyone who cannot get up and down from the floor. Your product is the greatest thing since the riding lawnmower.

Tags:achy, circulation, Diabetes, feet, Fibromyalgia, knee, Numbness, results

Joyce N.

My husband and I bought our Exerciser Elite® in April. It’s a great machine. In fact, it’s so great that we bought one for our niece, and one for each of our two sons. I am 75 years old and suffer from an auto-immune disease that affects my skin and muscles. He is 81 years old has had two back operations and has rods and screws holding his vertebra in place. He also has two torn rotator cuffs, has insomnia, and constipation problems. I have sciatica, a torn rotator cuff, edema, and sore muscles. We each use the machine three times daily for 16 minutes each time. He uses speed three and I use speed five. He no longer has trouble sleeping or with constipation. I have no edema, and after I do my morning treatment on the machine, I’m not stiff or sore. If I had all of the money in the world, I would buy this machine for everyone I know.

Tags:auto-immune disease, Constipation, Edema, Insomnia, Sciatica, sore muscles

Dick P.

Little did I know when I ordered the Exercise Elite® that it would prove valuable to my wife of 62 years. I got it for the stiffness in my legs and it works perfectly to get me loosened up after playing tennis in the morning. When I come home I immediately get on the Exerciser Elite® for ten minutes and I feel great! My wife suffers from restless leg syndrome at night. Instead of walking the floor for a long period of time, she just gets on the Exerciser for ten minutes and the syndrome subsides. After wrestling with restless legs for a long time she is all smiles in the morning. Happy days are here again! Just thought you would like to know.

Tags:Restless Leg Syndrome, stiff legs

Pamela Nelson

I purchased my Exerciser Elite last year after being my diagnosis of pereformis syndrome and spinal stenosis to the interior of my spinal column. The threat of spinal surgery that may lead to immobility in my legs had me looking for other options to keep myself moving. I love the Exercise Elite. It has helped my back, buttocks, and leg pains and has kept me mobile. I use it for up to 60 minutes per day on various speeds. I have noticed that when I travel and do not use my machine, I have severe stiffness in my legs and back. I will be going on a 6 day vacation next week and my machine will travel with me. I recommended Exerciser Elite to my sister and she also purchased it as well. Anyone needing to exercise but are physical unable to should really give the machine a try, It is well worth the investment to be able to go through the day with a significantly lower pain level. Thank you Clark Wellness for your great product.

David H.

We recently received our Exerciser Elite® and the miracles started happening. I took early retirement as a HVAC mechanic from Jefferson County Schools because my doctor told me the next time I had an injury I would have to have knee replacement surgery. A great deal of my work was either on my knees or on a ladder with a heavy tool pouch on. Both knees gave me a lot of pain, but now it is gone. The real test was when it was time to get the extension ladder and get the rain gutters on the house cleaned out again. For the first time in years, my knees didn’t hurt going up and down the ladder. When I got up the next morning I had no pain at all. I’ve had edema in my legs and ankles for about 20 years and I noticed an improvement after one week. Now it’s almost gone. I have also quit taking my gout meds. I don’t think I need them anymore and this winter was a bad one for gout (not the weather…but the holiday food). I have had varicose veins below my right knee ever since I was a kid, checking out groceries all day for Safeway. I recently noticed the veins aren’t bulging out anymore. My asthma and sleep apnea are also both much better. I feel alive again, and don’t nap much anymore. I guess this machine helps just about everything. Too bad it doesn’t fix teeth! Life is good!

Tags:ankles, Asthma, Edema, gout, knee, legs, Sleep Apnea, Varicose Veins

Sharon A.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am 63 this year and have been living with a birth injury. I guess now you would call it cerebral palsy. It affected the right side of my body. It caused stiffness and has affected my balance as I have aged. Using the Exerciser Elite® has changed my life in so many ways. I now have the flexibility to do tasks that used to be so difficult. It has taken me since July to realize that I owe it all to this miracle machine, also called my shimmy-shaker. It’s the reason I rise in the morning and sleep peacefully at night. You need to hear these testimonies so you know how much you have changed my life and the lives of others. I am brand new and enjoying the rest of my life with hope and happiness.

Tags:Cerebral Palsy

Judith R.

I have had MS for over 33 years and been in a wheelchair for the past 18 years. After a routine check up my neurologist noted that since I have been using the Exerciser Elite® for the past 4 months, I am stronger, my speech is better and my mind is clearer. I started slowly (very important) with speed #1, and then slowly worked up until now I use my favorite speed #5. I, also, started with 6 minutes and worked slowly up to what I do today, which is 32 minutes, twice a day. It really loosens me up and makes me more limber. I am doing so much better using my walker and my balance is much better. I used to use the machine on the floor; however, I find it much more comfortable using it on the new Exerciser Elite® table that I purchased a few months ago. I can do so many more things since I started using the Exerciser Elite® . For instance, I would do the laundry and then my aide would fold and put away the clothes. Now, I’m doing the whole thing. Plus, I put my dishes away and am doing most of my own housework. Now my aides are here mainly to take me places. I just love this machine… especially the pre-programmed settings. I continue to share the Exerciser Elite® with a lot of my MS support group and they now have wonderful stories to tell, as well.

Tags:Multiple Sclerosis

D. Garner

I received my Exerciser Elite® today, I tried it as recommend for 8 minutes and it’s unbelievable! I felt a difference in the way my legs felt. I am 71 years old and still work 8 hours a day as a safety specialist which requires me to do a lot of walking. If what I have felt in one 8 minute session is just the beginning, I am really looking forward to using this machine every day for the rest of my life.

Tags:legs, walking

Joyce D.

First of all, we would like to thank you for the referral check we just received! I also can’t thank you enough for the good results I have had since using the Exerciser Elite®. I have been dealing with muscle soreness in my legs, it hurt a lot just to move around. This was after I had shingles. I use the machine twice a day and am 81 years old. This is the best investment in exercise equipment we have ever made. It goes along with us to Florida every winter. We cannot be without it.

Tags:legs, muscle soreness, referral, shingles

Judith K.

A few months ago I was reading my National News magazine from The American Legion and came across your ad for the Exerciser Elite®. I found the ad to be very interesting but thought about it for quite a while before deciding whether or not I wanted to make this type of investment. I finally decided to go ahead and order your Exerciser Elite®, as a 65th birthday present to myself. I must tell you, this is the best investment I ever made, one that absolutely benefits my health. For years, I would have trouble with swelling in my left leg, even in my younger years of 20’s and 30’s and lasted into my 60’s. I have been using the machine for the past six months and noticed right away that the swelling problem has subsided starting with the first month of use. My blood pressure has been elevated for the past 9 years and even with medication it hardly moved from 140/90 and sometimes higher if I became ill with a cold, etc. After six short months of use my blood pressure is now 120/82 and I do not get winded going up steps anymore. I used to huff and puff like it was going to be my last breath and I could hardly speak for a few minutes plus I would have this severe pounding in my chest. All I could hear was this ba-boom, ba-boom coming up into my ears from my chest. Not anymore. I am really feeling good about myself these days and still working a full time job! Thank you for your fabulous machine.

Tags:blood pressure, health, swelling

Martha M.

HUGS to you and your company. Your exerciser has helped me so much in just three weeks. I can’t believe the difference it has made in my balance and the arthritis in my left ankle. I walked with a painful limp but now I walk without pain and no limp. I feel such a difference, it’s undescribable. Thanks so much much for your dedication to wellness for all of us who need help with our daily routines.

Tags:Arthritis, balance, pain

Tony S.

I received my Exerciser Elite® in May 2006. The first 4 months I didn’t notice much difference. After using the machine for 5 or 6 months, I started monitoring improvements. I believe the reason it took so long to notice anything is because I was only using it once a day instead of twice a day. Now for the benefits I have received…my toes are not numb anymore. My lower back has improved about 70%. My blood pressure has dropped from 140/70 to 122/60 and I am not quite as tired as I used to be. My breathing is also a lot deeper. I will use this machine until I drop.

Tags:blood pressure, breathing, Numbness, toes

Frances W.

I just had to write to say what your machine has done for me in less than a month. I just can’t believe it! I had a hip replacement three years ago and the surgeon put in the wrong hip. It took me five months to get a surgeon to replace the wrong one with the right one. Although I did well, I wasn’t back to normal and couldn’t walk very far. But I was much better with the new hip. I also had problems after a couple of surgeries that made it so I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes which caused me terrible pain. However, now I can bend any which way I want and walk for a couple of miles with no problem. It’s just unbelievable.My daughter is also using the machine to see if it helps with her knee. So far she is doing well but she had a shot of cortisone just before we got the machine. Usually the shot only works for six weeks. We are watching the six week period. It also has helped her lower back. We are both so excited and can’t wait to share our experience with others who are having problems. We can never thank you enough and we will spread the word. P.S. Did I mention the energy we both have! I am 86 and my daughter is 57. We are doing great! Many Thanks.

Tags:energy, Hip Replacement, knee, walk

Willa A.

This is not a “normal testimony” since I’ve just received my Exerciser Elite. I won’t bore you with details, but the past 3 years of experience with Corporate America has revealed that the lack of efficiency on the job is stupefying. Therefore, imagine my shock, my amazement and my delight at such prompt, efficient and customer-friendly service from Clark Enterprises 2000, Inc. I ordered the Exerciser Elite to enhance my health, but my health has already benefited from the encouragement of finding that in the desert of our “we-don’t-care-about-the customer” society – there is YOU – a wonderful ‘oasis’ in the ‘cess-pool’ that our consumer environment has become. It’s been a long time since I felt this respected from a company! Thank you so very much!!

Tags:Customer Service, health

Keith J.

After suffering from IBS for over a year I purchased the Exerciser Elite® in hopes to help my problem. After using the machine for 30 days I lost 17 pounds and am no longer bothered by IBS. I love my Exerciser Elite®—it has changed my life!

Tags:Constipation, IBS

Ann C

I was at my wits end when I saw an ad for the Exerciser Elite. I have osteoarthritis in my left knee and tiredness. In addition, I could not walk very far without my legs aching. When my doctor suggested a bone marrow, among other things, I became irritated. It did strike me that more tests were not what I needed as basicly there appeared to be little seriously wrong with me. After reading and rereading the ad for a week, I ordered the machine. The return policy was the convincing factor. If it didn’t work, I could return it. All I can say now, after a month, is that it works! I started out very slowly, twice a day, at the lowest speed. I did find I have to flex my left knee slightly for comfort. Within a week, I was walking more freely, was less tired, and my knee didn’t hurt. I’m now up to level 4 and 14 minutes each time. Oddly enough, just before I received the machine, I went to a new doctor (the joys of Medicare) who commented that I was very healthy but too tense. He suggested physical therapy. I said I was trying a passive machine first. I think there are strong similarities between the two solutions and the passive machine has loosed my muscles and caused them to relax, without my leaving the house. Whatever, it WORKS! With Clarks return policy, anyone who is having joint soreness, fatigue, and overall discomfort should really try this machine. PS. I’m 70., average size.

Tags:achy legs, fatigue, joint soreness, knee, Osteoarthritis, tired

Daily Relief – Marlow C.

Thank you so very much for your personal phone call regarding the repair work needed on my Exerciser 2000 machine. Your prompt service was greatly appreciated, and what we call our “shake machine” is now back in our therapeutic exercise room along with our stationary bicycle and your foot massage we purchased from you over four years ago. Your machines give us daily relief and help keep our “antiquated” bodies functioning “incidentally”. We may be a couple of your oldest customers in which I turned 96 last February and my wife will be 90 in July.

Tags:Customer Service, relief, warranty

Carol H.

I am writing to you to thank you for the repair of my Exerciser Elite®. I feel this machine saved my life and maybe my sanity.In February I was told my sugar was high so I changed my diet, but I also started to use the Exerciser Elite® in the morning and night for 32 minutes. When I went back to the doctor my sugar and blood pressure was under control and I was also losing weight. Since February I have lost 55 pounds and I feel great. I am walking better, can walk longer and just all around feel great. I think I have your machine to thank.I have had both hips replaced and been through breast cancer. Regular exercise was not something I could do every day and still move. But with this wonderful machine I can! Thank you again.

Tags:blood pressure, blood sugar, cancer, exercise, Hip Replacement, walking, weight

Jane L.

For the last 4-5 years, I’ve have suffered from insomnia, which seemed to take over my life. For the last two years, I have depended on a nightly sleeping pill that made me groggy during the day. Since working up to 16 minute sessions on the Exerciser Elite® I fall asleep easily at night. On the rare occasions I wake up, I can use the machine for a few minutes and go right back to sleep. Only someone who can’t sleep knows how precious it is to no longer dread bedtime. I can hardly believe the wonderful benefit of the Exerciser Elite®.

Tags:Insomnia, sleep

Hugh L.

I am a World War II Veteran with a basket of health problems. I saw your ad in the VFW magazine, came to your showroom and, after a brief demonstration, I bought one on the spot. After using the machine for 30 days I had worked up to 16 minutes, 3 times a day on Program 2. I had headaches, high blood pressure, arthritis, joint pain, back pain, stiff muscles, cold feet and breathing problems. I have improved all of these problems and I am so happy that I can go to bed at night with warm feet. My mailbox is 150 feet from my house and I used to have to stop and rest two times on a trip to get the mail. Yesterday, I made the round trip non-stop. I am so happy that I found relief for some of my health problems. At 86 years old, I know that I am a very lucky man. Our son, was over the other day and tried the Exerciser Elite® and says he just has to get him one! We thank you great people at Clark Enterprises. I am very happy for the help of my new Exerciser Elite®. It’s great!

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Maria G.

I am so happy my daughter talked me into trying the Exerciser Elite®that was being demonstrated at the Cottonwood Mall here in Albuquerque, NM. I have had neuropathy in my feet and lower parts of my legs for over 7 years. My feet are numb all of the time which makes it very hard for me to walk without my walker. After using the machine at the mall for about 4 minutes, I noticed some sort of tingling in my feet. We decided to walk around for a while afterwards and 30 minutes later we stopped back to try the machine again. This time I went for 6 minutes. Again, I noticed the same tingling sensation as before only this time it was more intense. To make a long story short, my daughter decided to purchase the Exerciser Elite® for me. After using the machine every day for a little over 2 months, I now have feeling in both my feet and I am able to go to the mall with my daughter and leave my walker at home. I am so thankful my daughter bought this wonderful machine for me.

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Clifford C.

I want to tell you and everyone how much I like the Exerciser Elite®. I had such lower back pain that I could not stand it. I saw your ad in the American Legion magazine two years ago. At that time, I thought it wouldn’t help. But, I ordered one anyway. Up to the time I received the Exerciser Elite®, I still had doubts if it would work. I was wrong. I have used it for four months now. Now I have very little back pain, am more regular, and I sleep much better now thanks to the Exerciser Elite®. I would not ever part with it. It is the greatest thing I ever bought.

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Happy in Texas

We have used the Exerciser Elite® for two days and already have felt relief from my arthritis and fibromyalgia problems. It is gentle but so effective.

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Genelle M.

Since I bought the Exerciser Elite® it has really helped my back pain and arthritis. I was so satisfied with it I decided to order the reflexology machine for my feet. Now I have my own “mini-gym” to use at my discretion and don’t have to “get dressed to go out” to a local gym somewhere which saves me time as well as money – no club membership fees and no gas money to get there. Now that’s a big plus! I’m pleased with my machines and I’ve had them less than a month. What a great investment in my health!

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I have had constipation problems for over 25 years. Since I have been using the Exerciser Elite® I have been regular every day and have begun to lose weight. This is truly a blessing and is so easy to use.


James K.

The Exerciser Elite® is the best product I have ever purchased. I have only been using it twice a day for three weeks and the benefits are wonderful already. I have more energy, I have almost all the leg edema gone and I feel more energetic. I am 48 and would walk like I was 78, now in only three weeks I am probably 80% pain free. I will continue to use this product every day. Thank you for the high quality look and feel of my machine!

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Barbara Holland

I have had my exerciser Elite 2000 for 3 years now. I bought it thinking it might be good for the high blood pressure and arthritic knees I deal with. I was afflicted with other problems that I hadn’t even considered when I ordered the machine. The worst problems I had were stress incontinence of the bladder and chronic constipation. When I would get out of bed in the mornings water would just gush out of me. I used the machine two times for a total of four minutes. The third morning I got out of bed and I was completely DRY. I kept using the machine and kept having this blessed relief. After using it for about 3-4 weeks I started being regular and having easy bowel movements!I still use my machine and still have wonderful relief for these two conditions. (I do have very light leakage from the bladder in the mornings and wear a light duty pad. For this 72 years young great grandma it is still world’s better then it was.)I had to have a knee replacement on my left knee before I got the machine and was afraid the arthritis in my right knee would have to be treated in the same way, but, no, since using my exerciser the right knee is fine!I still take medicine for the hypertension but it is controlled and who’s to say the machine hasn’t helped there, too?If you suffer from any health problems I’d say “give this machine a try!” If it doesn’t work within a months time you can get your money back and will not take a loss that way. But if there’s a chance you could be helped go for it. You may be pleasantly surprised like I was.

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Jan H.

I have owned your Exerciser Elite® for 2 years and I would not be without it. I am 77 years old with a lower back that is a mess. I suffer from scoliosis plus arthritis, bone spurs, deteriorating vertebrae and discs at the L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 levels in my spine. I would not be able to function without the passive exercise provided to me from your machine. The relief from pain that I receive is immeasurable and I am grateful I saw your advertisement and purchased one! Last year, a friend came to visit who also suffers from back pain. He used my machine for the 3 days he was with us and received so much relief that he ordered one for himself as soon as he returned home.

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Deanna C.

I love using the Exerciser Elite® after my morning workout. It is an excellent way to cool down and it helps to start my day off right.

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Dave H.

We received our Exerciser Elite® in mid February and the miracles began to happen. In September I took early retirement as a HVAC mechanic from Jefferson County Schools because my W.C. doctor told me next time would be a knee replacement. I have had surgery on my left knee 3 times. A great deal of my work was either on my knees or on a ladder with a heavy tool pouch on. Both knees gave me a lot of pain but now it’s gone. The real test was a few days ago. It was time to get out the extended ladder and get the ram gutters on the house cleaned out again. For the first time in years the ladder didn’t hurt me one bit! When I got up the next morning I had no pain at all.I’ve had edema in my legs and ankles for about 20 years and I noticed an improvement after one week. Now it’s about gone! I have also quit taking my meds. I don’t think I need them anymore. This winter was a bad one for the gut. (Not the winter but the holiday food.) I have had varicose veins behind my right knee ever since I was a kid, checking out groceries all day for Safeway. Recently I noticed the veins are not as bulged out any more.My asthma and sleep apnea are also both much better. I feel alive again and don’t nap much anymore. I guess this machine helps just about everything. Too bad it doesn’t fix teeth! Life is good!!!

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Jean T.

Thank you for the referral check. It was a big and pleasant surprise to me. I use my Exerciser Elite daily and like it so much. Our friends use their Exerciser Elite 12 minutes in the morning and evening. I know they have also recommended your machine to others. Thank you.


Joe & Alona F.

A big thank you for the Exerciser Elite®. After one week my body is feeling the results. Leg pain is reduced and I know will be gone with another week of treatment. Thank you again for providing a miracle.

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William G.

I am now up to 16 minutes three times a day.How do I explain how I feel.I thought it would be helpful in my pain mangement .It is hard to explain. I do feel different,and when I miss a time slot I notice difference in how my legs feel. Presently I have less leg gramps,less fatigue , and a better night sleep. I also noticed a little less low back pain which is a huge help.


A man in his thirties who did not want his name mentioned has suffered from depression for many years. Many times he would feel suicidal for no apparent reason. Since using his machine daily, he reports that his feelings of suicide don’t seem to be present and that he has a much better outlook on life. Could this be due to the release of endorphins in the body while using the machine?

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Grace R.

I had been spending my days just waiting when I saw your ad in Guideposts for the Exerciser Elite®. I had edema of my left foot and leg, two bad falls and a fear of falling which made me inactive. I’m 97 years old. Could it really help me? My daughter encouraged me to try it. I did. It’s working! I feel alive again and have a new zest for life, thanks to you.P.S. My daughter loves it too!



I have had pain in both of my knees since I had them replaced in 2000, 6 months apart. My husband purchased one of your Exerciser Elite® machines. I use it when I first get up in the morning and the last thing at night before I go to bed. I put two pillows under my knees for support and use the lowest speed for a few minutes. After a couple of days I worked up to a full 16 minute session. What a blessing! I have no pain, can walk better, keep my balance better and am so grateful, at 77, to lead a normal life again. I thank you so much.

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Kate B.

This is just a note to thank you for the rebate check. I am more grateful to you than ever – and I was already grateful because I am getting so much good out of my Exerciser Elite®, far more than I expected. I am 76 years old, heavy, stiff with arthritis and a leukemic for the past nine years. Using your machine twice a day has made me feel ten years younger. I am far less stiff and my thinking is clearer. I also have a great deal more energy. When you say that your company is in the business of “helping people feel better”, it is no fib!

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