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Offering the Exerciser Elite® along with our specially designed table makes a great addition to your current wellness/exercise program. The Clark Exerciser Elite® Table is customized with a stability platform to hold the Exerciser Elite® in place while the high density foam and adjustable headrest gives comfort and relaxation to the user. In addition, the adjustable height allows for easier access for all sizes and heights.

The Exerciser Elite® is a passive exercise device providing some of the benefits of aerobic exercise through continuous passive motion. Operating the Exerciser Elite® is simple. Just lie down, relax and let the gentle swinging motion cycle up through your body. No stress or impact on the joints! This 2″ lateral movement can help promote flexibility in the ankles, knees, hips and spine, relaxation of the muscles in the back, and increase circulation in the lower extremities. The increased circulation helps relieve swelling in the ankles and legs, which can build up if one is immobile for long periods. This type of movement also helps move the lymph fluid, which, in turn, helps the body reduce excess fluid buildup and toxins. In this way, the patient is able to receive many of the same health benefits of normal aerobic exercise without putting any undue stress or impact on the legs, back, or joints.

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Extended Warranty (4 Years), Standard Warranty ( 2 Years )


Warranty Options

The Exerciser Elite® comes with a standard 2 year parts and labor warranty. You can upgrade to a renewable 4 year parts and labor warranty with our Product Protection Program. You save when you purchase the Protection Program along with the machine!

Senior & Assisted Living Facilities

With the numerous changes to the United States healthcare system, long term care facilities are now looking for more efficient wellness care to offer their residents. In fact the U.S. Medicare site states by the year 2020 nearly 12 million people will need long-term care. Incorporating continuous passive exercise equipment in your wellness/exercise program helps you meet the ongoing challenges to provide better quality and more efficient care.

Continuous passive exercise products can help your residents with the aid to maintain or restore range of motion. Individuals who have trouble achieving a normal range of motion can benefit from continuous passive exercise products. These devices are intended to replace some physical therapist directed sessions by providing frequent and consistent mobilization under controlled conditions in a senior living or rehabilitation facility.

Included in Chris Towery’s article titled “Passive Exercise Benefits the Elderly and Disabled”, the numerous health benefits of physical exercise have been well documented in recent years, and many people have started incorporating increased physical activity in their daily lives. However, for the elderly and/or disabled, traditional exercise routines can be painful, dangerous, or downright impossible. Although these populations understand the tremendous value exercise has for their health and wellness, their decreased mobility can be a major barrier in their ability to safely engage in normal physical activity. Fortunately, healthcare professionals have discovered a new fitness activity, known as passive exercise, which can help almost anyone—regardless of their age or mobility levels—engage in beneficial physical activity. Passive exercise usually involves having one’s limbs gently moved back and forth and side-to-side by a medical professional to stimulate the body’s muscles and circulatory systems.

For enhanced safety, the highest quality passive exercise machines come with adjustable speeds, so one’s body can be gently introduced to the activity. Once a patient is comfortable with the activity, the speed can be increased for even more benefit. In fact, healthy people who are able to engage in traditional exercise have used these devices as a way to supplement and enhance their aerobic activity. However, for those who can’t participate in normal exercise, the machines can be literal lifesavers, enabling even those on bed rest to gain the benefits of regular physical activity. The Exerciser Elite® is portable and lightweight making it easily accessible for all users.




  • Adjustable headrest
  • Nothing to assemble—just remove from the box and unfold
  • 1″ high density foam for better body movement. Tables with thicker foam have a tendency to absorb the body movement.
  • Dimensions : 73″ long by 30″ wide, the headrest will add approx. 11″ in length
  • Table Weight: Approx. 45 pounds: Shipping Weight is calculated at 80 lbs. due to the dimensions.
  • Adjustable height from 21″ up to 34″
  • User weight limit 375 pounds
  • 600 pound working weight
  • 80.00 lbs.

Exerciser Elite

  • AC 120 volt, 60Hz
  • 5 speed operation 16 minute digital timer with safety shut-off
  • Wide cushioned ankle rest
  • ETL Approval
  • 19.00 lbs.

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