Why the Exerciser Elite is superior compared to similar models on the market

The Exerciser Elite® is a genuine Clark-built machine and not a copy of any other machine on the market. The internal mechanism, as well as, the unique, cushioned ankle rest were designed by Clifford Clark, the Founder & CEO of Clark Enterprises. Clark Enterprises has built a reputation of providing the highest quality, home therapy products at a reasonable price for many years.

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing this type of machine, as various makes and models are available on the market today. The Exerciser Elite® does not fall into the lower priced category, as it is built for long term use and is not a typical consumer, throw away product. This machine will provide many years of in-home therapy as well as peace of mind knowing you own the highest quality machine available.

The Exerciser Elite® utilizes a DC high torque motor, a three prong grounded power cord and three replaceable circuit boards: controller board, speed sensor board and power supply board.


  • The controller board uses the latest technology in order to offer the digital timer display, two pre-programmed settings, a 16 minute digital timer with safety shut-off and five selectable, user speeds ranging from 120-160 swings per minute. The user friendly controller makes using the Exerciser Elite® easy for anyone, whether 10 or 100 years of age!
  • The speed sensor board keeps the unit running the proper speed, at all times, regardless of the user’s weight (up to 425 pounds). If there is a malfunction, it shuts the unit off. This is one of the built-in safety features that the Exerciser Elite® offers.
  • The power supply board changes the AC current to DC, to be able to run the DC high torque motor. This makes the machine safe for long term use and requires no ventilation.


With the built-in safety features that the Exerciser Elite® offers, if there is an electrical malfunction, the unit will shut off.

The Exerciser Elite® has five different speeds. This allows the user to adjust the speed to their own liking. Some machines on the market, have only one speed. Clark Enterprises disagrees with the concept of a “perfect speed” for everyone. Some people need to start on the lowest speed and work their way up, others are going to be more active and find the higher speeds much more satisfying. In addition, the two pre-programmed settings are a popular feature of the Exerciser Elite®. There are people of all ages with a wide variety of health issues who are using the Exerciser Elite® on a daily basis and receiving wonderful results.

The Exerciser Elite® also has a large, reinforced, cushioned ankle rest. This unique, ankle rest is wider than those on similar machines, as people in the United States tend to be larger than those in Asian and European markets. Most of the other machines of this type on the market have out-dated, hard plastic, narrow ankle rests.

The Exerciser Elite® is built to higher standards than similar products on the market and is manufactured exclusively for Clark Enterprises. Most of the machines of this type are manufactured in China. The factory that manufactures the Exerciser Elite® is located in Taiwan and has ISO-9001 Certification, one of the highest standards in manufacturing.

The Exerciser Elite® is an FDA Class 1 Registered Device as well as a physical medicine therapeutic device. Clark Enterprises is also a registered medical device establishment.

The Exerciser Elite® is also ETL (Electronic Testing Laboratories)approved, which insures a safe and quality product. This internationally recognized seal of Quality and Safety is granted only after rigorous testing with regard to North American set regulations and specifications for electrical products.

Perhaps the most important quality that the Exerciser Elite® possesses is the excellent “service after the sale” provided by Clark Enterprises. The Exerciser Elite® carries a generous warranty backed by Clark Enterprises. In addition, an optional, extended warranty is available. This extended warranty can be renewed within 30 days of its expiration. Any warranty issues that arise are taken care of at the home office in Salina, KS by Clark Enterprises experienced technicians. Clark Enterprises is a family owned business in Salina, Kansas since 1959, and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau