Alternate Uses

1. The Exerciser Elite® can be used on a firm bed, however, the machine will need to be placed on a piece of 38” plywood approximately 3 foot wide by 2 foot deep. This is so the machine will be more stable and prevent holes from being worn in the bed linens. If the mattress is not firm it may absorb the body movement and make the machine less effective.

2. People who have a spare bedroom can place a piece of plywood measuring 4 foot wide and the length of their mattress on the bed. This helps to better stabilize the machine and eliminates the absorption of the body movement.

3. Those who use the Exerciser Elite® on the floor, may find that lying on a padded exercise or yoga mat to be more comfortable.

4. Individuals confined to a wheelchair can simply place the machine on the floor in front of the chair. Place the soles of the feet on the ankle rest and select the desired speed and time. By using the machine in this manner you will still benefit from the leg movement; however, you will not experience upper body movement.

5. Clark Enterprises also offers a table (shown on the next page) that is specially designed for use with the Exerciser Elite® for an additional cost.