The Benefits of Massage

There’s that post-massage feeling that any person who has tried out massage knows about. The mind becomes clear, and the body relaxes, helping you live a normal stress free life. In case you haven’t tried out massage, then there’s a lot you are missing out on. Regular massage keeps you feeling great and keeps you safe from different sorts of illness. By undergoing regular massage, your body is able to have better pain management techniques.

Here are some of its benefits;

It eases muscle pain

It’s a very good technique of pain management for people who have sore muscles. The passive exercises help in improving blood circulation just as rubbing your arm after knocking it on something does. At Clark Wellness, we have the right machines to help you deal with problems such as chronic back pain.

It counteracts bad sitting postures

Most individuals suffer from postural stress, and it tends to manifest itself as pain in the neck and shoulders. Desk workers should beware of such pains or weaknesses which appear in the lower back. A good massage helps in relieving such pain.

Gets rid of anxiety and depression

When human touch is provided in a safe, friendly and professional way, it becomes therapeutic and relaxing to the person receiving it. A study that was conducted in 2015 shows that woman with breast cancer who received massage frequently in a week confessed that they were less stressed and depressed.

It boosts your body’s immunity

Just as regular workouts play a role in boosting immunity, research shows that massage helps in boosting a patient’s white blood cell count, hence protecting their body from diseases. Additionally, it also boosts the immune system of HIV victims.

It improves sleep

Sleep is very important to everyone; at times it can be difficult to have a restful sleep. Massage acts as a passive exercise that helps you rest comfortably. Research shows that it helps people undergoing radiation therapy or chemos relax and sleep much better. Besides, infants cry less, are less stressed and they sleep more when undergo a massage

It relieves headaches

Headaches are mainly caused by stress; a good massage reduces the severity and tension that comes from headaches. The benefits of massage in pain management are evident since one session of massage therapy tends to have an immediate effect on patients who have chronic tension headaches.

At Clark Wellness, we know how important good health is, that’s why we sell three types of massage machine to help you feel better in just 45 days.

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The Importance of Drinking Water

It’s a fact that our bodies are 60% composed of water, that’s why doctors recommend that you take 8 glasses of water daily. Although there isn’t much evidence to support this advice, it’s essential for your body to stay hydrated all the time. There are plenty of ways through which you can drink water, it doesn’t necessarily have to be plain; it can also be in other fluids or food.

Here are seven reasons why you should drink enough water daily:

It maximizes physical performance

Water is important during intense exercise since the body loses water in form of sweat. In case you fail to drink water, your body becomes fatigued, you lose motivation and become less mentally and physically fit. In addition to that, you also need water after passives exercises as it helps you feel more relaxed and physically fit.

It prevents and treats headaches

Dehydration tends to triggers headaches in some people. Drinking water helps to relieve such kind of headaches since the brain is able to perform normal physiological functions.

It helps in treating kidney stones

A kidney stone is a type of urinary stones which forms in the kidney as a result of mineral crystals forming in the urinary system. Drinking plenty of water increases the frequency of urinating; therefore, the urine dilutes the concentration of minerals so the chances of cramps being formed are lowered.

Hydration affects your brain functions and energy levels

Brain functions are normally influenced by the body’s hydration levels. Research shows that even the lowest dehydration (1-3%) can affect normal body functions. As much as the massage benefits the brain, you also need to drink lots of water for improved brain performance.

It helps in relieving constipation

Constipation results to infrequent body movements and problems in passing stool. As part of treatment, doctors advise patients to drinks lots of water just as diarrhea victims are advised. Drinking plenty of water helps in pain management that comes from constipation.

It helps with weight loss

The body’s metabolic processes are improved by drinking plenty of water which ultimately helps in weight loss. Research shows that drinking half a liter of water increases metabolism by 24-30% for approximately 1-2hours. Furthermore, drinking water 30 minutes before a meal helps to reduce excessive eating habits.

Water helps in preventing hangovers

Most people who take alcohol complain of hangovers the following morning. Alcohol tends to dehydrate the body since its diuretic and results to symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, and thirst. The best way of preventing hangovers is by drinking at least a glass of water in between drinks and before you go to bed.

Our advice from us at Clark Wellness is that; you need water to stay healthy even during passive exercise.


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What is Massage really all about? Check it out!  Clark Wellness can help!

The Benefits of Exercise

by Clark Wellness


You think exercise is all about losing weight and toning your abs? Science shows that regular exercise can help the body produce and release nitric oxide and endorphins. So basically, it can also help to make you happier and smarter as well…bonus!!

In the late 1980’s researchers discovered that human cells produce nitric oxide and use it to communicate with other cells. Abnormalities in the body’s production of nitric oxide have been linked with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, impotence and stroke.

In the body, nitric oxide is generated through the action of enzyme systems called nitric oxide synthase. The enzyme uses a common amino acid, L-arginine, and converts it to nitric oxide. This process takes place in many cells and tissues. The nitric oxide then regulates many body functions including: blood pressure, respiration, blood clotting, bacterial killing, brain and sexual function. Blood vessels continuously generate small amounts of nitric oxide that cause the vessels to widen and greatly increase blood flow. At the same time, some of the nitric oxide interacts with blood platelets, the elements in the blood stream responsible for clotting. This causes the platelets to become less reactive and prevent their clotting of important blood vessels such as those feeding the brain or heart. By opening blood vessels and increasing blood flow, nitric oxide can also relieve impotence.

In the lung blood vessels, nitric oxide improves the amount of oxygen that the lungs deliver to the blood. An important part of the body’s defenses against microbial invasion relies upon the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a major component of the body’s policing against infections. The process of memory formation within the brain can also be nitric oxide dependent. Specific cells within the brain produce nitric oxide that can reinforce memory storage.


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