Experiment With Different Positions

Arm Positions

While using the machine, extend arms up over your head placing them on the floor if possible. This helps to stretch the low back, upper back, and shoulder muscles and will increase shoulder mobility. We find this really is a comfortable position for reducing stress.

Put your hands under the base of your head. Your arms will be in a butterfly position. This position can be beneficial in helping to relieve headaches.

Put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. Turn neck to the left for a few minutes and then to the right. This seems to work the neck, upper back and shoulders.

Put arms down along the sides of your body. This position works the entire body.

Leg Positions

It is normal for one foot to swing back and forth more than the other.

Place your big toes together and hold them in that position for a short while, then relax your feet. You will notice more upper body movement when performing this procedure.

Place the right foot on top of the left foot while the machine is running. After approximately one minute place the left foot on top of the right foot. This procedure helps to stimulate the hips and may be repeated several times during your session.

Stomach Position

Lie on your stomach, instead of your back, and place the tops of the feet in the ankle cradle. Using the machine in this position helps to gently massage the internal organs and intestinal tract. Several people have told us this procedure helps relieve constipation.

Exercises For the Physically Fit

Using the #5 speed, place ankles in the cradle, place your hands behind your head and lift your head and shoulders as if you were going to do a sit up. Hold this position for a few seconds; breathe deeply, lie back down and repeat this as many times as desired. Feel your stomach muscles tighten.

Temporary Pillow Support

A pillow can be used under the neck if it is uncomfortable for you to lay flat. Those who have knee pain or have had knee replacements may want to try keeping the knees slightly bent while using the Exerciser Elite®. Placing pillows under the knees may also help prevent discomfort caused by over- extending the legs. Please keep in mind, the use of pillows may restrict the body’s movement.