Alternative Healing Practices

One premise of Eastern medicine is that a person can help heal one’s self by sitting quietly and focusing on wellness instead of disease. Whether you call it meditation, prayer, or quiet solitude these practices seem to work for some individuals.

When combining the use of the Exerciser Elite® and the quiet solitude of focusing on healing one’s self, the results can be most rewarding.

To get the most out of each session, make your environment calm and peaceful. Many enjoy listening to calming music with low lighting in the room. If your room is cool, especially at floor level, cover up with a lightweight blanket that doesn’t hinder your movement while using the machine. Many people use the machine three times a day – once in the morning to help get the kinks out, once in the afternoon to energize, and once in the evening to relax for a great night’s sleep. It is a wellness tool that offers some of the best passive exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Relaxing and Unwinding Before Bed

When using the machine before going to bed, do everything you have to do to get ready for bed. Then make sure the room where you use your machine is an ideal environment for relaxing and letting go. Set the timer to your desired setting, breathe in deep, exhale slowly and let the cares of the day flow away. When the session is finished, go directly to bed, if you haven’t already fallen asleep. This experience is very relaxing.

Energizing in the Morning

The opposite unbalance can also be present in the morning. There are people who just can’t seem to get going in the morning. They feel sluggish and waking up is hard for them…the sympathetic nervous system doesn’t seem to function properly. Many people have reported, when using the machine first thing in the morning, it helps to give them the energy they need to go through the day.