This past weekend I attended a beautiful wedding, part of the service was a story of how the couple did not get the puzzle they ordered, but didn’t figure it out until they already had the outsides of the puzzle built.  So they continued on building the puzzle that they hadn’t planned on.  When the puzzle was finished it was so beautiful, much more so than the one they had planned on.  I thought the story was so fitting to so many facets of our lives.  Life is a puzzle, and no matter how carefully you plan on it there are going to be pieces that don’t seem to fit.  Eventually though, we figure it out and continue on, possibly on a different path than first intended.  If your life has thrown a health issue or stress into your puzzle, maybe we can help.  Try the Exerciser Elite®, let us help you continue on with your puzzle!

small pieces

I am in my mid-forties, but the majority of my adult life I have spent working with senior citizens. I love a story, and everyone has one. Some stories are sad, some are exciting, and some are inspirational, the longer you have lived of course, the more stories you have. Being the old soul that I am, I think inspirational is the word that sticks most in my mind when I think about these people that I have spent time with in the last quarter century…

One of the phrases that keeps popping out of my mouth lately is “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, is this inspirational?  Of course not.  Is this a deep and soulful phrase?  Not at all.  Is this true?  Well, the answer to that is a very loud and emphatic YES!  As much as I love finding quotes that inspire me, it surprises me that this is the one that seems to keep coming back to me, so simple, so blunt, so dare I say it…uncouth.

Why is this hitting me so hard right now?  Because I am at the point in my life where I am becoming the caretaker, not of my own children, but of my elders.  The people who have shown me what being an adult was, who counseled me on life decisions and scolded me on the bad ones are now being counseled, nursed and scolded by me.  This is a difficult and sometimes rocky situation to be in.  Since I am in the business now of health and wellness, helping people purchase and understand this equipment that helps improve the symptoms of a myriad of ailments, I talk to people across the board ranging from younger people in very poor health to very elderly people whom are healthier than most sixty year olds.  The majority being in the latter category.  Why is this?  Well, because these people are very health conscious and are doing everything they can to stay vibrant and healthy.  Yes, it is quite often I will get a phone call from someone who, let’s use this example , says he is 92 years old and rides his stationary bike 5 miles daily as well as does aqua size at the gym.  Yes, this is what I am talking about when I say inspirational. Is this the norm?  Of course not, I am sure that I hear those stories more than the average person just because of the business that I am in, which in turn makes it all the more difficult for me to deal with the people that I love not living life to their fullest ability.  This is why that phrase “If you don’t use it, you lose it” keeps flowing out of my mouth like a broken faucet.

I am determined, I am going to take care of myself now!  I am going to enjoy life and even indulge in a guilty pleasure occasionally, but I am going to continue creating healthy habits!  I am going to try to tame the control freak in me while still encouraging those I love to also create those same healthy habits.  I am going to try to teach those old dogs’ new tricks and make it enjoyable for all of us, and I am going to promote positive, healthy life skills in those who are just learning what being an adult is all about.

I want the same for all of the people in my life that I want for my own future.  I want to enjoy my senior status, I want to be healthy in both mind and body, I want to donate my time and skill in helping others. I want to enjoy an active social life.

I exercise, knowing that even if I am facing a condition where I can’t enjoy an active aerobic exercise I can still continue using the Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser (yes, I do use it in conjunction with the exercise at this time).  By using the Exerciser, I will continue to increase my circulation and likely prevent or improve symptoms of lymphedema. I can continue to pamper myself with the Kneading Fingers Neck & Back Massager, of course massage feels wonderful, but it also helps improve range of motion, promotes sinus drainage and can help alleviate pain caused by arthritis or fibromyalgia.

I educate myself on the food that I consume and enjoy learning new ways to prepare wonderful and healthy food!  I enjoy social gatherings where food and drink are the focus, but I continue to make good choices with only the occasional indulgence.

Keeping my mind sharp is always going to be a concern of mine, as Alzheimer’s is very prevalent in both sides of my family.  Even now while working, and busy with home and family I still and will continue to read, write and enjoy hobbies such as sewing, cooking, and home decorating projects as well as trying to fit in the daily Sudoku puzzle!

Keeping an active social life is not hard to do at this age!  With a husband, teenager, young adults, senior adults and animals to keep up with, it’s more of a question of finding time to relax!  But as my life evolves and my spare time becomes more prevalent, I will join more clubs and organizations and donate my time where it’s needed.  I look forward to this time! Grandbabies, a beautiful garden, travel!  Bring it on!  I have only this one life and I am going to live it to the fullest!

Come on now, if you are feeling down, overweight, uninspired and unprepared.  Just take some baby steps.  Try the Exerciser Elite®, start slow and then work up to using it a couple times a day.  Enjoy the increased energy and notice how all of the other areas of your life start to improve from then on.  Join me on this path of wellness, let’s all USE IT & not LOSE IT!Nicke on EXE

Just “google” it, those words, Massage therapy and arthritis, and you will come up with the same results all over the board.  Your own research will show you that massage therapy such as the Kneading Fingers on a daily basis can improve many symptoms of the arthritis. Results have also shown that many patients sleep better, which tends to be a problem with most arthritis sufferers.  Give Arthur the old heave ho!  Call or order your Kneading Fingers online today!


I have the pleasure of saying that I have been employed by Clark Wellness since 2003, so I have used the Exerciser Elite for years, but I have to admit that my use has been very sporadic!  You see, over the years I have been the part time girl at Clark Wellness.  I love that I am able to be part of such a family friendly and health conscious company, being a busy mom of 3 and helping my husband run his own business has made this the perfect gig for me!  Well now I am 40 something…and we only have one child left at home.  I have always been pretty healthy and I still am, but I am wanting to see what using the Exerciser Elite on a daily basis will change for me!  I will follow up this post in 1 month to update everyone on how I am doing!  Now that is accountability folks!  Ready – Set – Go!!!Nicke on EXE

Have you ever been told that you have poor circulation, or how much exercise would help you by improving your circulation?  The movement of the Exerciser Elite will help promote circulation throughout the entire body! Do you have a difficult time with an aerobic type of exercise? Using the Exerciser Elite is relaxing and effective for any age or physical ability!  Call with any questions or for additional information M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm CST 1-800-748-7172.



So how are you doing on those resolutions? Using the Exerciser every day is an easy, and enjoyable one to keep! Not to mention that you will most likely show improvements in one or more of the following; restful sleep, reduced swelling from lymphedema, lowered blood sugar, relief from constipation, better circulation, increased energy and more! What are you waiting for? 800-748-7172.


Whenever you purchase a new appliance of any kind it is always wise to do your homework.  Clark Wellness ENCOURAGES our customers to do their homework on our products versus our competitors products.  Check out the warranty, the shipping costs and time frame, the return policy, the origin of manufacture, call the customer service number and see just what kind of service and knowledge is offered, the availability of information and more.  We are  positive that you will be impressed by the Clark Wellness products not only before, but also after the sale!  If you already have a machine from one of our competitors then you could always use it for a riding toy for your toddler, Jordan used to love it!


Jordan on crappy imitation

ANYTIME is the right time to use the Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser! That is why it is such an amazing addition to your health regimen.  There is no need to make an appointment or even get dressed if you don’t want too!  My favorite time to use the Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser is in the morning after my workout.  What time of day do you/would you like to use the Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser?  What is your favorite result?  We would love your feedback!

Reconditioned Exerciser Elite

Dad works hard, and always has – so it is not a new power tool he needs this Father’s Day, just to complete another household chore! Don’t buy him the dreaded tie either! Haven’t you noticed that as soon as he has the opportunity, he sheds the tie? This year give him a gift that not only will he enjoy using, but will also benefit his overall health! The products from Clark Wellness are sturdy and can be used multiple times during the day! Dad could benefit in so many ways from using them, such as improved circulation and increased energy and pain relief! Call us today at 1-800-748-7172 with any questions!


“No more pain!”  That is what our customer Lydia from Texas just wrote to us, since using the Exerciser Elite, she has been PAIN FREE!  Way to go Lydia!Lydia feedback

Everyone can find benefit from using the Exerciser Elite by Clark Wellness. Elderly people who no longer are able to partake in aerobic types of exercise find wonderful results by making the Exerciser Elite part of their daily routine. Some of these results include: More stamina, ease of pain caused by arthritis, better circulation, relief in build up of fluid in the extremities, and relief from constipation. Call us today to find out more! 800-748-7172


Grandpa Bill on Exerciser

It has been proven over and over that an employee that feels appreciated by his/her employer is a more productive employee, not to mention happier and healthier.  Using the products by Clark Wellness in the break room of your business or even in workstation’s can go a long way in helping your business grow and be a positive working environment!

productivity flyer

So I made the most wonderful guilt free dinner last night (if I do say so myself).  The hubby and I are trying to eat super healthy and I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of this meal!

First for the Meal – I made it up…so let’s call it…

Mexi- Rice

1/2 lb ground turkey

1/2 chopped onion

2 tsp. taco seasoning

Saute’ the above ingredients in vegetable broth until fully cooked.


1 can of black beans (not drained)

4 servings of prepared brown rice

1/2 c. of salsa

Serve with fresh chopped cilantro over the top.


Banana Ice Cream (Wink Wink!)

Take the banana slices (that you froze the night before) out of the freezer.

Put them in your food processer – blend and scrape until they are ice cream consistency.

Serve! (top with cinnamon if you wish)

Super Easy and Super Yummy!


banana ice cream

When writing your list of New Years Resolutions, most likely you will have something to do with “get fit”, “exercise”, or “take better care of myself” on there. If you use the EXERCISER ELITE fromClark Wellness on a daily basis, you can help accomplish all of the above, and enjoy doing it! Visit our website today to learn how the EXERCISER ELITE can benefit you!

Exerciser Elite Product Guide

Exerciser Elite Product Guide


Did you know that the Exerciser Elite can benefit those of ALL ages?  Kids can calm down before bed by using the Exerciser or even use it on there tummy to help aid in the relief of constipation.  The Exerciser Elite can be beneficial for your entire family!  Call us today to find out more details, or visit our website www.cwmachines .com

This is us hard at work! Really. we were taking pictures of ourselves using the machines for a flyer we were making….hard work, we know…

Tell your employer “These AWESOME machines need to be in our break room!”


Clark Wellness, a visionary in the passive exercise and massage industry is moving forward by marketing their products through their local CBS station, KWCH.  “There are so many people who can benefit from our products we have come to the conclusion that the best way to reach them may be by appearing on their television.”, says Clark Wellness President, Amanda Clark-Otto.  “Our products benefit people from a myriad of age groups and physical abilities.”


Clark Wellness will continue to advertise in other venues such as trade shows and print advertising in various publications.  Of course they say the best response comes from word of mouth.  Clark-Otto says, “A large percentage of our sales come from previous customers or customer referral, that in conjunction with our exceptionally low return rate and 90 day Money Back Guarantee is why we pride ourselves in quality products and first rate customer service”.


You can learn more about Clark Wellness at or by calling them at 800-748-7172.  Clark Wellness is a family owned company since 1959, dedicated to improving your well being.  View our new commercial by clicking on the following :

Clark Wellness Commercial

Did you know that the Exerciser can be used even if you are confined to a wheelchair? When your body isn’t mobile it causes your body to be deficient in circulation. By having your Exerciser set up on the floor you can go over to it at an…y time and put your feet in the ankle rest. This will give you movement up to the hips and help with your circulation! It also helps with edema in the ankles!
This movement can also help relieve edema.  It is time to quit suffering and take control!  You can do it all by yourself with the corded controller on the machine you can adjust the speed and time you are using the Exerciser.   And when you want to recieve the full benefit from the Exerciser you can use it on a bed with a firm mattress – it is a good idea tohave the Exerciser sit on a piece of plywood for support.  We also sell the Exerciser Elite Table, this can be set up in your home.  Both the Exerciser and the Table are sturdy enough for use in a care facility , therapy or any place of business.
Call us today for more information or to order! 800-748-7172. We are waiting!


A little over 20 years ago I was a carefree young woman planning my wedding…we had thought about October, and then for some reason decided to do it the following February instead.  On October 31st, 1992, I came home after shopping all day for wedding things with my mom (no cell phones on us back then) to my poor, scared 13 year old brother saying “dad is in the hospital, there is something wrong with his heart”.  My mom was beside herself and I drove them to the hospital where we were escorted to the Cardiac Care Unit.  We were informed that my 47 year old father had suffered a heart attack.  The next several days are a blur.  They transferred him by ambulance to a hospital in Wichita.  He ended up having a triple bypass surgery a couple days later.  It was so scary to walk into that recovery unit and see my dad looking lifeless and hooked up to all of those tubes and moniters.  The next several weeks I remember him being in a lot of pain, especially his leg where they took a vein from.  He was given an exercise bike and told to ride that every day, also go walking and eat healthy.  In February, when he walked me down the aisle I was overcome with emotion, thinking how blessed we were that he could do that, and that we hadn’t decided to get married in October.  It is scary to think what would have happened!  This picture is of my dad and me 20 years later.  He keeps a close eye on the heart issues, and has had no problems since!


It is so important for those with a history of heart disease to keep active!  The Exerciser Elite® can help with that.  Whether you are healthy enough to do active exercise or if you are unable to – the continuous passive motion of the exerciser can help you!  The Exerciser Elite® helps with the circulation, enhance oxygen levels, and can help ease high blood pressure.  The Kneading Fingers™ by Clark also, can enhance your recovery experience.  When you spend so much time laying in bed and not doing your usual routine, a massage from the Kneading Fingers™ by Clark can help ease that pain and help you relax!


There are so many benefits of using the Clark Wellness machines – I have only hit the tip of the iceberg here!  I have worked for this amazing company for almost 10 years now and I have strongly encouraged my family and friends to use these wonderful products!  They make you feel better, look better, and they are relaxing! It’s a win win!

Who has been there for you every step? Applauding your accomplishments and supporting you during times of despair? For me that has always been my mom. Sure, she may not be who you most look forward to celebrating your recent promotion with or she may not be your ideal date to that concert you have tickets for, but when it REALLY counts, that is who you call. Am I right?

Clark Wellness products are beneficial to people of all ages, if mom is suffering from neuropathy, the
Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser can help promote circulation and help make her comfortable again. If she suffers from excess fluid build up, the Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser can help distribute the lymph fluid throughout the body. Does mom work in an office, hunched over a computer keyboard? The Kneading Fingers™ Neck & Back Massager can help give her relief whenever she wants it!

Clark Wellness wants to help you make her Mother’s Day special. We are moms and daughters ourselves and we have been serving our community in Salina, Kansas since 1959. Let us help you give your mom a gift that she can use every day and remember how special you are to her.

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Do you have the Monday “Blahs”? Using the Exerciser Elite® Passive Exerciser in the morning will help stimulate your circulation and help get you energized for the day!Grandpa Bill on Exerciser

Promoting wellness in the workplace can have amazing results for both the employee and the employer. A happy and comfortable employee is proven to be more efficient and up to the tasks assigned to them. Having the Clark Wellness products in the break room of your office can help boost productivity!

Check out the following statistics!

The Lymph System is a mystery to many…The lymph system is made up of course of the lymph nodes, but also the lymph fluid that travels through tiny lymph vessels throughout the body.  If your system is working the way it was meant to then the lymph nodes clear the fluid of bacteria and infection. If you are inactive, or have health issues this can minimize the movement of the lymph fluid resulting in a build up of stagnant fluid in one or more areas of the body.  The lymph system relies on manual manipulation and muscle movement to flow correctly. The Exerciser Elite® has proven to be beneficial to many of our customers with that deal with edema and other lymph related problems since the late 1990’s!  Give us a call today, we would love to answer any questions and ship you this amazing machine today! 800-748-7172

Grandpa Bill on Exerciser

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